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Street Collectiv

Your Connection to Local Business

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Meet Madeline Boening

Artisanal Candles

In late December 2019, Madeline Boening invested her savings in a dream four years in the making, the first Sunstone Candles Brick and Mortar, located in the heart of Washington D.C., Union Station. Three months later, Sunstone Candles shut its doors to protect staff and costumers from COVID-19. Maddie, as affectionally known at Street Entrepreneurs, is one of many entrepreneurs who don’t qualify for Federal and Local aid, because their businesses have not been around long enough to prove financial losses. They are among the most vulnerable small companies as they have not been around long enough to create financial reserves. 

Meet LaKeisha Henry

Premium Hair Extentions

Le Shaé, by LaKeisha, employs premium quality hair extension to enrich people. LaKeisha Henry’s delicate and skilled technic weaves natural and augmented hair with care. “It is not just about hair; it’s about what it represents. It’s about making people feel confident, strong, and beautiful,” said Lakeisha. Unfortunately, her once-booming business is at a complete standstill due to COVID-19. Along with other Salons and beauty professionals, virtual service delivery is an impossibility. Still, LaKeisha is not easily discouraged and has dedicated herself to acts of kindnesses, running errands, and donations for the senior members of her church, the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Washington, D.C.   


Meet Georgina Gourdain

Professional Cleaning Services

Georgina Gourdain sees the world through many lenses: Dominican, Latina, immigrant, business-owner, caretaker, and all-around boss. In 1982 she migrated to Silver Springs, Maryland, where she has led Maid Service Enterprises and Alta Classic Maids LLC (her most recent venture) for over 35 years. Georgina worked her way through school, and in 2014 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. “It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about service. It’s about turning someone’s home into a refuge. We make it possible for time-constricted professionals to walk into clean and peaceful homes. Because after a long day at work, the last thing you want is to wash dishes,” remarks with pride. What is most remarkable about this Founder is that even though her entire revenue has disappeared in a matter of months, her vocation for service is stronger than ever. Georgina buys, cooks, and delivers food for FREE to cancer patinates recovering from home. Many cleaning services companies like Alta Classic Maids LLC’ rely on contractors for support and therefore don’t qualify for the Paycheck Protection Program.   

Join The Collectiv!

COVID-19 has turned small and local business is into an endangered species. Street Collectiv is our love letter to the Washington Metropolitan area.  


For Makers, Founders, and Small Business Operators: Street Collectiv leverage the power of the collective to digitize shops and drive sales. We are offering a stress-free alternative to paying for and managing a website and marketing. We want you to focus on your product and service and let us deal with the rest.  

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