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Dear Street Entrepreneurs’ Tribe,


2019 has been off to an incredible start!


We announced open beta-testing for Talent Hive, an automated version of the Street Entrepreneurs’ talent exchange, at our first annual Street Pitch last November and were met with phenomenal enthusiasm. In 2018, Street Entrepreneurs served 400 founders. Our v1 MVP analyzed their profiles and digitized the skill exchange component of our programming into a web application. V1 leveraged the social capital of the startup community by allowing entrepreneurs to trade knowledge and time to sharpen their skills, learn new trades, network, and bootstrap.


















After two and a half months, 128 individual beta tests with a sample pool of diverse industry professionals and founders of all levels from all across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., we’re ready to embark on the lofty task of prototyping v2 for public release. Street Pitch expanded the scope of our project and diversified the profile of our end-user. Each beta-test provided new insights that are imperative to implement to realize the full potential of our mission. We’ll release Android and iOS versions in v2, update the entire user experience, update the member to member chat feature, revamp the customer service administration feature, as well as implement multi-language functionality so we stay true to our principles of remaining inclusive.

















We heard you and we’re working diligently to launch a new application that encompasses all of the insight we learned this past winter. Thank you so much for your support.


With grit and gratitude,




Cory Lancaster

Chief Technology Officer, Street Entrepreneurs

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