More Than a Pretty Face - Interview with Juliana Cardona

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This week on More Than a Pretty Face I get to talk to the lovely Juliana Cardona Juliana is the founder and CEO of Street Entrepreneurs Street Entrepreneurs is an amazing organization helping people take back control of lives by starting their own businesses Juliana believes that all who aspire to work hard should be given a chance to succeed she believes in a grit based economy As a Latina women from Colombia she knows what its like to be different but also what its like to thrive We talk about what a balanced life could look like starting a nonprofit and how incredibly powerful women are Listen and learn from a truly inspiring ladyStreet Entrepreneurs is looking for partners Interested Email infostreetentrepreneursorgFollow them on instagram and twitter streetentrepreneurs Connect with usTwitter Instagram prettyfacelady3Facebook More Than a Pretty FaceEmail prettyfacewomenmtapfpodcastcomMerch httpswwwrageoncomausers82tabsofpolicy

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