Meet Natasha & Noel

Natasha and Noel are the business sisters behind Unparalleled Eye Designs, an interior design company based in DC that has received glowing reviews on their website. As children in a military family they moved a lot, and the two learned how to quickly turn any new house into a home. As they got older, Noel was often asked by her friends to help redesign their house and decided to turn her hobby into a career with her sister and head of management Natasha. "I always wanted to be my own boss", Natasha said.

The two just celebrated five years of a successful business. "Trust is built quickly" Natasha said when referring to their customer service "We've traveled all over and can just click with anybody, and we're transparent. As a businesswoman, you have to be able to talk about money with your customers." Given the customer reviews online, it would seem their customers are more than satisfied. People have described the women as relatable and innovative. Noel really has her own style when it comes to interior design "I'm a little unconventional about how I use space" she said "when we talk with customers about how we use the space in a way they haven't thought of before, I think it helps drive home that this is the team they want to work with." Noel and Natasha love being able to connect with their customers and help turn living spaces into personalized homes. They've found good friends in their clients and the impact they've had on people's lives can be seen in their "Room Reveals" video collection on the Unparalleled Eye Designs website .

Every challenge along the way has been worth it in their "Unparalleled" eyes, and they've learned much about entrepreneurship along the way. "I had to stop being the biggest critic and learn to celebrate successes and take more chances, even on big projects while my sister always wanted to dive in headfirst. We learned to meet each other halfway" said Natasha. "For me it was learning to put dollars behind your business." Said Noel "We started off free, moved up to 50, and now we're at 175. You learn how to value yourself." The duo encourages people interested in entrepreneurship and design to reach out to prospective partners. " Share info. Talk to people around you that have little projects. Said Noel "Represent yourself. It takes bravery, but I think entrepreneurs already have that."

The sister's plan for a future of growth and development for their business. They hope to extend their talents to places like VA hospitals, something they're familiar with being children of a military family. "We've been thinking 'how can we change the mood and the energy through color, can we make waiting rooms more pleasant for loved ones?'" Said Natasha. "We are working on building partnerships with organizations that mean something to us. We are taking advantage of the workshops to figure out how to do this."

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