Meet Donna Omoregie

"My hair symbolizes pride and empowerment." That's the message Donna wants to send to the world, and she wants everyone in the Black community to feel the same. Growing up Donna Omoregie didn't always have access to the resources she needed, especially when it came to hairdos. That is when she decided to take matters into her own hands. "The future is what you create" says Donna. In a world where black barbers and stylists aren't exactly on every corner, Donna had the idea to make it easier for people like her brother and herself to find people to cut their hair. "The Freestyle Hair App was made with the Black community in mind." Says Donna "It's our map." The Freestyle Hair App is a social media app where users post pictures showing off their new do, give a shout out to their stylist and connect them to other potential customers. Its goal is to make it easier for the Black community to find stylists and barbers that understand their hair and help people feel confident in their appearance because "when you look good, you feel good." This also provides barbers and stylists with free and valuable exposure and revenue. Donna's grateful to Street Entrepreneurs for helping her get her Freestyle Hair App out on the market. Workshops and the Talent Exchange helped network, style, and reach her target audience. Donna is proud of her hair and proud of her app, and she encourages future entrepreneurs not to be afraid to put their ideas into the world and make them a reality.

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