Meet Aaron Brehove

Aaron Brehove

"I always had a different idea about doing things. I always felt there was something more we could do.” Aaron Brehove was a Fraud Investigator at Ernest &Young when he was involved in an accident that almost ended his life. At the time it seemed like the end he asked himself if the world was better for this existence. Aaron was proud of the work he had done and believed in his company’s message. Yet he knew he could live a life of greater purpose and self-fulfillment. He eventually left his firm and began using the tools he acquired as a body language specialist working in fraud investigations to help individuals on the Autism spectrum express the 7 universal emotions that people normally display. Certain behaviors and expressions tell us what another person is feeling or thinking, but people on the autism spectrum have a different approach that may cause a misunderstanding between those outside of friends and family. Aaron and his team created a mobile-based solution with emotional recognition in real time called “Smirkee Cares” to help users identify the typical behavior to display in a workplace or school setting. The app teaches the user what certain expressions mean via a scanner. Aaron wants the users to know “In no way do I want to cure or change anybody on the spectrum. I just want to give them an additional tool.” Aaron is also known for his book Knack Body Language: Techniques on Interpreting Nonverbal Cues in the World and Workplace and has appeared on news and talk shows like Today Show, Head Line New's Nancy Grace, and CNN's TruTv to discuss his knowledge of human interaction, especially during public trials.

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