Meet Fabrice Guerrier

October 11, 2018



   Fabrice Guerrier believes in the power of stories. He sees his passion as the tool needed to leave a lasting impact on the world. "I've been changed by stories. I think storytelling is at the root of so many issues we face today in the world." For Fabrice, the challenge was to help storytellers like him make their work sustainable, since the work world is not exactly built for writers to thrive. "Many writers don't have time to finish a piece of work" said Fabrice. "They may have writer's block or feel they don't entirely understand the industry, because it's very top-down. You need to have a finished product, an agent, and so many other elements to make it out there."  


Fabrice came up with the solution of a collaborative storytelling platform called Syllble Studio, which gathers writers in a space where they can let their creativity flow by bouncing ideas off each other and working together to finish a product by deadline. "Writing is better when more minds are working on a piece-it's faster and the content is richer” he said. “Syllble is a model to provide sustainability for writing and allow writers to do what they do best: tell incredible stories. We just put together a book called 'The Wall' in our 'Book in a Week' program. It was me and two other writers collaborating online to write the narrative and invent the characters, and we finished in one week. The completed novella will be coming out in a few weeks.” 



Fabrice links his immigration from Haiti to the U.S. as a big reason for why he became an entrepreneur. “Taking a stab at the American Dream-I think building something where you’re not only standing on your own two feet and you’re creating change in a very momentous way-that’s very powerful for me. I want to create something that provides value and brings more impact to the world. Sometimes I feel helpless in ways that makes me want to create something to bring more value to people. I thought: How do I align my personal passion for storytelling with my needs professionally and how do I have an impact?” 

 With the world undergoing a new era in terms of economics, wealth, and multiculturalism Fabrice feels that there’s no better time to be writing. “I felt like with my skills, my passion, the people I’ve met and the issues they face that everyone has a story to tell and showing people they too can be writers by providing coaching and educational resources and helping them to make money from this. I think that’s invaluable, that’s the dream and being able to work towards that with an incredibly passionate group of people is amazing." 

Being this openly passionate about writing is something Fabrice had to work himself up to accepting. Like other artists and people with specific talents, the pressure of proving your success used to constantly weigh him down “I didn’t have a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel” he said “I’m not published in journalism magazines, or writing for a Hollywood TV show-but when I first came to the U.S. I wrote and wrote in my journal-it helped me process a lot of what I was dealing with-and I worked at a library for five years, which allowed me to travel different worlds and different spaces I wouldn’t have found elsewhere.” 


One of the biggest challenges Fabrice has faced in having his own business is meeting the various demands that come with running it. For him, figuring out which tasks were most important to focus on and what would yield the most returns for Syllble was a big part of moving forward. such as marketing, testing the product, customer relations. “At the end of the day I found the most important part for me to focus on was the relationship between the customers, the users and the writers. This is a very relationship-driven business, where connecting with people and providing value to them is most important." 


Fabrice has found the workshops at Street Entrepreneurs helpful in providing further growth in his skillset and his business. "I have a lot of energy and I'll keep going, but direction is Key” he said. “I think Street Entrepreneurs have been able to bring things down to earth and teach me to think more clearly and focus on what's most important. They connect me with like-minded entrepreneurs that not only can provide feedback and mentorship but also give me confidence to be able to make decisions. I think I've been to six or seven workshops now and they've been very influential."  


Syllble’s first successful novella “The Wall” is out and available for purchase on Amazon. You can find out more about Syllble Studios on twitter  and message them on Facebook


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