Meet "Dream Factory"

October 11, 2018


The Dream Factory is a Cooperative foundation which provides a system to manufacture and achieve your dreams. It's founded by its CEO Monty Campbell, President John Paige, and the CIO Justin Franks, all veterans of advocating and founding startups and cooperatives. The three came up with the idea to start a For-Profit Cooperative dedicated to helping people achieve their ultimate vision for the future and to help them find economic inclusion. This is for more than just an aspiring entrepreneur with a singular idea, it's for a long-term goal "It's designed to support entrepreneurship from its infancy, and people's ultimate dreams" says Monty "What are their aspirations? Do they have a career in mind? How can we help foster that?"  

The Dream Factory is focused on business development and venture capital, with an internal ecosystem and educational programs (such as an IT certification, which Monty says can be completed in as little as six months). They provide their customers with access to services that might be harder to find alone.  "We're also geared up to help people who just want to start their own business" says John. "What they don't have is the knowledge to set up a company, they don't have the access to government contracts that we do, so we can help them by avoiding that paperwork. We can help you start your business rapidly and successfully."  One example is a returning citizen who had bought all the equipment needed to manufacture his product. What he still needed was a business to work under and a contract that showed he was with a receiving corporation. Dream Factory was able to give the entrepreneur that benefit, as a legitimate company they sent out the invoice.  

Anyone who joins can take advantage of this umbrella organization. The Co-Op is tailored towards their clients with mentor-client relationships. The goal is to provide a sustainable, for-profit that generates income for its members. "Our slogan is: Our success is our member's success. If they fail, we fail." They work to advise their clients and execute a marketing plan, place adds, look at traffic and bring the business in. 

The Dream crew has enjoyed their time with SE. "We've attended the workshops and Juliana is just a bundle of energy, so it's great fun working with her and it adds to the relationship." says John. Even though all three founders are experienced businessmen and entrepreneurs, they've found there's always more to learn and skills they can brush up on. "They helped us focus on some of the things we needed to do to realize our own vision." Said John. "Take your own medicine, so to speak." Dream Factory has been incorporated as of January 2018. They hope to expand to other cities as well. 










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