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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Founder Retreats program?

One month, with the option of extending the coaching sessions for up to three months.


What is the time commitment?

At least one hour weekly.


Do I have to be in DC?

Anyone living in the USA is welcome.

When does it start?

We admit entrepreneurs on a rolling basis from February to May.


Is it virtual?



Do I have to be in a particular industry?



Is there a cost?

We run a donation-run program; in other words, we encourage you to pay what you can.


What do you mean by self-paced education?

We make content recommendations and host discussion groups based on your unique learning needs.

What are the acceptance criteria?

You must have grit and first-hand experience with the problem your business aims to solve.


Are Founders Retreat also known as the Street Entrepreneurs Accelerator and the 2022 program?

Founder Retreats are the latest iteration of the Street Entrepreneurs program. We call it Founder Retreats because we believe founders must step away from their businesses to gain new skills and get intentional about what they aim to achieve.

Is Street Entrepreneurs a 501c3 nonprofit?

Yes, and we accept tax-exempt donations. 


Must I be in business before I apply?

We accept businesses from the ideation to the scaling phase.

Do you provide capital?

We are a coaching and community-first program. While we provide some exposure to funders, the program's priority is to build profitable companies that grow with as little external funding as possible.

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