December 17, 2018

There’s a new pitch competition in town, where seven founders from the DMV will pitch to a panel of judges, angel investors and community partners. In a twist, the audience will have a chance to make an investment, too.

Coined “the People’s Shark Tank” by Street Entrepreneurs founder and CEO Juliana Cardona Mejia, Street Pitch will be livestreamed so attendees and viewers can make direct investments into the startups through equity crowdfunding campaigns, product purchases or in-kind contributions, a press release states.

Street Pitch 2018 will take place on Nov. 27 from 6-9 p.m. at the Inclusive Innovation Incubator, located near  Howard University’s campus on Georgia Avenue. The event will be hosted by Brandon Andrews of ABC’s Shark Tank and is also taking place on #GivingTuesday, an international day of giving to kick off the holiday season.

“If American Idol and Shark Tank had a baby, it would be called ‘Street Pitch.’ W...

December 17, 2018

The Big One 

A breakdown on the day’s biggest Inno story.

Kieran: Have you ever been watching an episode of "Shark Tank" and thought, I'd definitely invest in that company? Well, what if those were local companies pitching on your screen, and with a couple clicks you could send them some capital?

Enter Street Pitch, an event by Street Entrepreneurs that will bring together founders from D.C., Maryland and Virginia for its first-ever live competition.

Hosted by Brandon Andrews, the competition will feature seven entrepreneurs on the night of Nov. 27. They'll pitch to a panel of judges and investors, but here's the twist: Street Pitch will be streamed live, and viewers can invest directly in the startups via equity crowdfunding campaigns, product purchases or in-kind contributions.

"The people are the sharks and they’re voting with money," Street Entrepreneurs founder Juliana Cardona Mejia said.

The organization launched three years ago to s...

December 17, 2018

Pat Lawson Muse speaks to three guests involved in Street Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses. Sharing their stories are Juliana Cardona Mejia, CEO and Founder of Street Entrepreneurs, Ronald Reaves, founder of social enterprise catering company Kitchen Veteran, and Jazmine Kionna, founder and CEO of her own luxury brand that aims to make high heels more comfortable. (Published Sunday, Nov 18, 2018 | Credit: Pat Lawson Muse)

October 29, 2018

Listen to the Podcast using the following link:

This week on More Than a Pretty Face I get to talk to the lovely Juliana Cardona Juliana is the founder and CEO of Street Entrepreneurs Street Entrepreneurs is an amazing organization helping people take back control of lives by starting their own businesses Juliana believes that all who aspire to work hard should be given a chance to succeed she believes in a grit based economy As a Latina women from Colombia she knows what its like to be different but also what its like to thrive We talk about what a balanced life could look like starting a nonprofit and how incredibly powerful women are Listen and learn from a truly inspiring ladyStreet Entrepreneurs is looking for partners Interested Email infostreetentrepreneursorgFollow them on instagram and twitter streetentrepreneurs Connect with usTwitter Instagram prettyfacelady3Facebook More Than a Pretty FaceEmail prettyfacewom...

October 11, 2018

If you’re familiar with the fashion line Iconiq, then you don’t need an introduction for this trailblazing fashionista. CEO Angelique Michelle is a returning Washingtonian and Howard University alumni. After graduation, she moved to Miami where she pursued fashion and style. After working for others for some time she decided it was time for her to produce value for herself and created Iconiq. Three years after starting her styling company, Angelique had an idea to help expand her company with a mobile solution to connect the style world. Initially she had no idea where to start.  "You can have an idea but getting it down on paper and finding the right developer is the challenging part," says Angelique. That's where Street Entrepreneurs came in. The Iconiq Style application allows you to upload items from your wardrobe and connect to stylists worldwide to help you put together looks. Iconiq will also help you locate items to complement your looks in outlets, boutique shops, and even in...

October 11, 2018

Dave Novelli is building a product that is helping small marketplace companies compete with Netflix and Spotify.  Ultraviolet Analytics is a SAAS product that helps small companies “personalize their online user experience” from all the different data sources on their apps, allowing businesses to have a better grip on their Public Relations and compete on the same level as their larger competitors.  Daves's advice for future entrepreneurs is to keep reaching for your goals, no matter the obstacles.  Dave's has gain a lot from the Street Entrepreneurs (SE) community. "The SE community incredible, especially when you’re starting out in entrepreneurship. At SE there’s so many different talents that I can get help from, and when people need help with data I can return the service."  So, if you have a marketplace app in mind, you might want to look up “Ultraviolet Analytics.” Get a head start on making your business thrive in a way that catches consumers’ attention and gives bigger companie...

October 11, 2018

"I always had a different idea about doing things. I always felt there was something more we could do.” Aaron Brehove was a Fraud Investigator at Ernest &Young when he was involved in an accident that almost ended his life. At the time it seemed like the end he asked himself if the world was better for this existence. Aaron was proud of the work he had done and believed in his company’s message. Yet he knew he could live a life of greater purpose and self-fulfillment. He eventually left his firm and began using the tools he acquired as a body language specialist working in fraud investigations to help individuals on the Autism spectrum express the 7 universal emotions that people normally display. Certain behaviors and expressions tell us what another person is feeling or thinking, but people on the autism spectrum have a different approach that may cause a misunderstanding between those outside of friends and family. Aaron and his team created a mobile-based solution with emotional re...

October 11, 2018

"My hair symbolizes pride and empowerment." That's the message Donna wants to send to the world, and she wants everyone in the Black community to feel the same. Growing up Donna Omoregie didn't always have access to the resources she needed, especially when it came to hairdos. That is when she decided to take matters into her own hands. "The future is what you create" says Donna. In a world where black barbers and stylists aren't exactly on every corner, Donna had the idea to make it easier for people like her brother and herself to find people to cut their hair. "The Freestyle Hair App was made with the Black community in mind." Says Donna "It's our map." The Freestyle Hair App is a social media app where users post pictures showing off their new do, give a shout out to their stylist and connect them to other potential customers. Its goal is to make it easier for the Black community to find stylists and barbers that understand their hair and help people feel confident in their appeara...

October 11, 2018

The Dream Factory is a Cooperative foundation which provides a system to manufacture and achieve your dreams. It's founded by its CEO Monty Campbell, President John Paige, and the CIO Justin Franks, all veterans of advocating and founding startups and cooperatives. The three came up with the idea to start a For-Profit Cooperative dedicated to helping people achieve their ultimate vision for the future and to help them find economic inclusion. This is for more than just an aspiring entrepreneur with a singular idea, it's for a long-term goal "It's designed to support entrepreneurship from its infancy, and people's ultimate dreams" says Monty "What are their aspirations? Do they have a career in mind? How can we help foster that?"  

The Dream Factory is focused on business development and venture capital, with an internal ecosystem and educational programs (such as an IT cert...

October 11, 2018


   Fabrice Guerrier believes in the power of stories. He sees his passion as the tool needed to leave a lasting impact on the world. "I've been changed by stories. I think storytelling is at the root of so many issues we face today in the world." For Fabrice, the challenge was to help storytellers like him make their work sustainable, since the work world is not exactly built for writers to thrive. "Many writers don't have time to finish a piece of work" said Fabrice. "They may have writer's block or feel they don't entirely understand the industry, because it's very top-down. You need to have a finished product, an agent, and so many other elements to make it out there."  


Fabrice came up with the solution of a collaborative storytelling platform called Syllble Studio, which gathers writers in a space where they can let their creativity flow by bouncing ideas off each other and working together to finish a product by deadline. "Writing is better when more m...

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